Being a mother is some of the most fun a woman can have.  It is also aggravating, frustrating, entertaining, frantic, busy, messy, lovely and a heck of a lot of work.

The hard work starts while waiting for the arrival of the little human.  I’ve noticed a difference between the way humans and other animals behave while waiting for the blessed event.  Take note of the differences between the eagle on the eggs in the nest and the woman who is pregnant.

eagle on nest in snoweagle mother smoking drinking

The dedication of the mama eagle to keep that egg warm even when covered by snow is worth cheering, the conduct of the human, not so much.

Let me share a little secret with you young women, we mothers complain about pregnancy and all its quirks of swollen feet, waddling walk, craving for strange eatables, urges to clean everything in site or to never clean and all the other things associated with expecting a child.  What we don’t say often enough is, it is worth every stinking thing we go through to get that little scrap of humanity out here ;where we can see it, hold it, feed it, sing to it, croon, kiss on, makeover, play dress up with and just love to our heart’s content.  Trust me.

Of course, after the child arrives there is much more to do than there was while waiting for it.  Here, again, I’ve noticed discrepancies between how other animals care for their young and how humans do it.

eagle bear caring for youngEagle woman

The momma bear is being very careful while teaching the baby bear to swim and to fish, but the momma human just wants that baby back in the stroller so she doesn’t have to be bothered with holding it.

It is difficult sometimes being a momma if it wasn’t then God would have allowed men to do it. But when that chubby little fist brings the first dandelion bouquet to you in the spring because he knows you like flowers, all the negative stuff is forgotten and the swamped with love feeling is something no one but a momma knows or understands.

Yes, there was a snake in the pants pocket and it got washed in the washing machine and is now a billion pieces of green and red goo stuck all over the washer basket to be picked out of the holes and cleaned up as best you can, and the clothes washed about six more times so all the snake pieces come out, but you wouldn’t trade the little rascal for all the angelic kids in the world.

And let me also tell you people who do not have children that it doesn’t matter what our children look like we love them unconditionally and believe them to be the best looking, smartest, sweetest, and best behaved kids in the world.  The fact that you see them otherwise doesn’t change our opinions.  And you don’t have to point out that our kids don’t look like the rest of the family, we know that, but we don’t care.  We love our kids, that’s what makes us mommas.

eagle dog with cats

It will soon be Mother’s Day and I hope each mother reading this has a happy Mother’s Day and doesn’t forget that when that child was born, a mother was also born.  And if you were smart you didn’t give birth to more kids than there are car windows. Every mother knows why.

April 18, 2015