In the springtime a young girl’s fancy will turn to flip flops, so will Granny’s and all the females of all ages in between the young girl and Granny. It is sad but true that too often their feet slip into those flip flops and the rest of us in the world are not ready for what we see. It has to be said and I’m the person to say it, (please refer to this blog’s title) if your toenails look like you could swoop from the sky and capture your lunch with your feet, then flip flops are not for you. More accurately, the rest of the world is not ready to see your feet in flip flops.toes

Next, take a look at the heels of your feet. I know, I know, you don’t, as a rule, see that area of your foot, but please get a hand mirror and take a good look at those heels. You need to do this because the rest of the world can see those heels and in so-o-o-o-o many instances they are not a pretty site! Here’s a clue, if you can use the heel of one foot to exfoliate the other foot, you don’t need to put those feet into flip flops.


It isn’t just flip flops we need to prepare our feet for we also need to be aware of how our feet look in any type of shoe. Please, please, make use of those mirrors you see sitting on the floor of every shoe store. If you can’t be objective, take a good friend who will give you an honest opinion on how any shoe looks on your foot. Just a side note here, a good friend will always be honest about these things. All shoes are not made for all feet. ‘Nuff said?

toes in shoes

Being the sister of seven brothers I can tell you that if you think your feet look sexy even though they look like any of the pictures here, you haven’t consulted a man about the look nor have you asked your honest friends what they think. Yes, we notice the feet of strangers and sadly, we comment on them. So, if your feet look like this:

hairy feet

perhaps you should rethink the idea of wearing flip flops.
April 20, 2015