Sometimes we become so accustomed to weddings that we forget just how special an occasion it is when two lives join to become one.  But then along comes something to remind us, and when my friend told me of his daughter’s plans to marry, I was reminded again of what a wondrous thing marriage is.

A year ago this man asked me to make a quilt for each of his six granddaughters and I did.  You can read about that project here: but now he had seen some quilts I posted to my Facebook page and listed them as for sale and he wanted to know if I still had any left. Unfortunately they had all sold before he called but I told him I have one in progress, almost finished, and it should be back from the quilter before his daughter’s wedding.  He said he would take it.

You see, this is an extra special event because his daughter’s life got a little off track for a while and now it is back on track because she is trying to follow Jesus in her life.  She has met a special man who can grow in the Lord with her and this wedding is truly a new beginning of a new life for the two of them, as it should be.  Don’t we all have pages in our Book of Life that we hope no one ever gets to read?  God bless this young woman for her decision to follow the Lord.

This made me take another look at the quilt I was making to evaluate it for its fitness to become the “Wedding Quilt” my friend wants for his daughter. 

It began with a big box of small, stringy pieces of fabric that I had trimmed from large pieces to straighten the edges as I cut pieces for other quilts. The box also had bits and pieces that I sewed incorrectly and couldn’t use in the intended project.   I offered these strings to anyone who wanted to take them and make string quilts, stuff a pillowcase with them for a pet bed, use them for helping with composting, I really didn’t care how anyone would use them as long as they USED them and didn’t just toss them away in a landfill.  No one wanted my strings.

Being a thrifty soul, I couldn’t toss them so I began sewing them together and found a book online called String Fling, by Bonnie Hunter, and told my family about it and my plans to learn to use the strings myself.  The book appeared at Christmas with my name on it, so God bless my husband for that.  There was a project in it called Santa Fe Star and it used every color under the rainbow. Just what I wanted as I did not want to have to sort strings by color family.  So I sewed strings, cut diamonds, sewed diamonds together to make a star and then made flying geese from more scraps and put a double row of them circling the star.  Stunning!  I was simply amazed at how wonderful this turned out to be and as I stood back and looked at it with a view to it being a wedding quilt I thought, “How appropriate!”Santa Fe Star6

You see, a wedding is the bright shining star and the guests are the geese circling the starring couple. But the wedding is for a day and the marriage is forever.  A star is like that, it is born in a bright flash of beginning but then burns bright forever.  This star is made of a million little pieces all stitched together to make the whole much as a married life is.  Santa Fe Star2Yes, if you look closely there are a few pieces in the star that are just ugly but the overwhelming parts make a lovely whole star.  Santa Fe Star1Doesn’t every marriage have a few parts that are not very attractive but the whole marriage is lovely?  Mine does.  And after the wedding is over, the marriage has to hold together for a very long time so it is good to keep the geese outside the star and let them circle, those geese of envy, jealousy, selfishness, hatefulness, and other unattractive habits should not enter the marriage.Santa Fe Star4

Yes, I can see that this is indeed a fitting wedding quilt.   And if you notice the quilting on this you will see it is one appropriately called Meandering because it wanders all over and takes twists and turns that you can’t anticipate.  Isn’t that also true for every marriage you know? My husband and I recently talked about some of the twists and turns our own marriage has taken that we couldn’t have possibly imagined at the time we got married.

Yes, the quilt is definitely appropriate for a wedding gift.