My cousin Steve challenged me to write about fifty of my blessings.  He wouldn’t let me just cover them all with saying health,  home, family so now he has to endure the whole shebang.


1.       It is a blessing to be able to open my eyes and see in the morning.

2.       Yes, I’m blest to be able to get out of the bed without help from anyone.

3.       Again, dressing myself is such a blessing when I think of all the people who require help with just getting into their clothes.

4.       Oh those magic beans!  Just to smell coffee beans while grinding them perks me right up so I count being able to smell them as a blessing also.

5.       The taste of that magic brew made from the magic beans!  Some people lose their sense of taste and it is such a blessing to have it.

6.       I share a cup of my magic brew with the love of my life. Isn’t that a powerful blessing? To have enough to share!

7.       And yes, I’m blest to have someone to love.  The same someone who loves me and has for more than 51 years now.  Steve, I could cop out an list each of those years as a single blessing because they have been.

8.       There is plenty of food in my pantry and refrigerator and so I count it a blessing that none of us will go hungry today.  There are people in the world who do not know where the next meal will come from and so if you have enough to eat today, be thankful.

9.       There are dirty clothes to wash and it is a blessing to know that we have enough clothes we can change out of dirty ones when we need to change.

10.   Oh that lovely shower!  Is there any feeling better than clean?  What a blessing to be able to step into the shower and wash and step out.  When  Bob and I first married our bathtub was a number two wash tub.  He brought it In at night and I filled it with water and bathed the kids and Bob emptied it so I could fill it again for me, he emptied it, then he bathed last. A lot of water heating, carrying, and emptying.  Yes, running water is such a blessing.

11.   Those dirty clothes are sorted and ready to wash in the machine which I consider a blessing. You see, there was a time I washed diapers on a rub board in the bathtub. 

12.   And the clothes are tossed casually into a machine to dry them.  A blessing? If you, like I did, had to hang wash on a line while it froze as you hung it the plain old dryer would look to you like a huge blessing.

13.   Breakfast over and the dishes gathered into a machine that washes them for me. Another blessing.

14.   Off to my sewing room where I have a lovely machine that is one of my favorite blessings. I know how to sew by hand but the machine is much faster than I am.

15.   So much material to choose from! It is stacked all around me in piles of blessings.

16.   The blessing of having friends who share their scraps with me because they know I’ll use them.

17.   The complicated pattern I put together to make a lovely quilt block is a blessing because it all fit together just as it should when I followed directions.  It is such a blessing when this happens.

18.   The cutting wheel on my rotary cutter is so dull it has become work to try to cut with it and the edges of the cut pieces are jagged. Time to replace the blade and isn’t it a blessing to have extra blades at hand when one needs to be replaced?

19.   Another quilt is finished and ready to be bound. Binding is difficult for me due to Dupuytren’s contracture but I can still do it if I take it in stages. That is a blessing.

20.   My broken foot that doesn’t want to heal properly makes me sit often so I usually quit what I’m doing and sit and visit with Bob. It is a blessing to have someone who is interested in what I’m doing.

21.   A stroll to the mailbox (more like a waddle) to get the mail and isn’t it a blessing to be able to do that?

22.   I get a glass of fresh water for Bob and count it a blessing to still be able to go up and down the three steps to get it for him.  You see, he can’t do these things for himself so I recognize that being able to do for oneself is such a huge blessing.

23.   A son is coming over to hang some tile in the bathroom we are redoing to make it more user friendly for Bob. This son is such a blessing.

24.   Another son will pick me up and take me to have lunch with relatives today and I count it a blessing to have a son who will do this for his mom.

25.   It is a blessing to have relatives to visit with and who will actually be glad to see us.

26.   It is a miracle and blessing that either of the boys are still with us because both have health issues that have threatened to take them from us at various times. 

27.   While all of us have issues to deal with in our everyday lives, Bob and I are still able to live at home together and not have to be in a nursing home. If you think that isn’t a blessing you need to spend three months in a nursing home and then you’ll know.

28.   Last year at this time we were making plans to cart our Thanksgiving dinner to the nursing home so we could be with Bob and this year we will all gather at Kevin and Tracey’s house with family and friends and give thanks for the blessing of being able to do so.

29.   Family is coming from Indiana for Thanksgiving and we feel blest to live in a time when transportation makes it possible for this to happen.

30.   It is a blessing that a young couple cares enough about family to drive that far to spend time with us.

31.   This list is being written on a laptiop machine that allows instant communication and lets me be with Bob while I am compiling my list and that is a huge blessing.

32.   Just a month ago our child was in the hospital dealing with Afib and now he seems to be doing well and that is a miracle and a huge blessing.

33.   Every morning my husband speaks to each of his siblings and we feel blest to have iPhones and the ability to use them.

34.   Do you still learn new things?  I do and feel so blest that my brain still works.  The things that are stored there seem to stay there.  We’ll not talk about how my retrieval system doesn’t work like it used to!

35.   This week we saw the moon at a closer range than we’ve seen it in many a moon. (Sorry, that just HAD to be said!) It is a blessing to be able to see and appreciate the small things in life.

36.   Someone calls to check on me and I’m aware that there are people who care for me and isn’t that a blessing?

37.   The floor needs to be mopped and I feel blest to have a floor. My great-grandparents were in the Oklahoma land rush and lived in a soddy they built for the first year or two.

38.   My great-grandmother Hinshaw was a full blood Cherokee and just this week I found her on the Cherokee rolls after searching for years. Isn’t technology wonderful? What a blessing to sit in my comfortable chair and peruse documents created long ago by just scrolling through webpages.

39.   In a time when so many people have no idea who their progenitors were, I can trace my ancestors back with certainty for centuries and feel blest to be able to do so.

40.   The weather in Arkansas at this time is more like September than November but I know that some cold weather is on the way and feel blest to know I’ll still be warm because my house is snug and heated. So many in this world do not have that.


41.   I have a warm coat to wear when the temperatures drop. Others are not so blest so if there is a coat drive in your town and you have two coats, share!

42.   There is a food drive today to help fill the community food pantry and I shall donate a dozen cans of something and feel oh so blest to have extra to share with others.

43.   Probably some of you will agree with my next blessing and some of you won’t. I count it a blessing to be able to vote for those who govern our country.

44.   One of the biggest blessings is to live in a Republic and not a Democracy. I’m so blest and thankful we have a Republic.

45.   My neighbors are friendly and peaceful and isn’t that a great blessing?

46.   I can go to the church of my choice to worship as I please and recognize this as a blessing that so many Christians in the world do not have.

47.   I did a wee thing for someone once who told me it was such a blessing for them though it was as nothing to me.  But isn’t it just one of the grandest blessings of all to get to be a blessing to someone else?

48.   The sun is shining as I write this and I feel it is shedding a blessing on me.

49.   When it rains I count that as a blessing and I love rainy days.

50.   Did I save the best for last? I am so blest to know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.