In a recent blog I told about winning in a couple of categories of a quilt contest with my scrappy quilts.  The prize was more fabric and it has arrived!

Frank Palmer is a quilter and fabric dyer who donated some of his hand-dyed fabric for one of the prizes and I was so fortunate to get it.   You can see more of what he does by visiting his page here:


Isn’t this lovely and doesn’t it make you just want to create something special?  Oh, the thoughts that go roaming around in my head!

The second prize I got was a stack of Moda fat quarters.  This group is called Pumpkin Pie and it has lovely fall colors in it and believe it or not there is enough fabric in that one stack to make an entire quilt.


Oh, the possibilities!  And yes, I shall save the ‘ribbon” this is tied with and use it in some of my string piecing. Watch for it!

Here’s another view of this same stack. Wonderful colors.


Does either of these stacks of material trigger thoughts in you of what would look good made from them?  If they do, please share your thoughts with me.  I’m always interested in ideas.

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to enter my quilts into this contest. This may just give me the kick to do more of this sort of thing.

Now, off to the design table!