It was always a puzzlement to me why a tall, dark, handsome man would choose me instead of a woman who was more eye candy than I could ever be. But he did.  He chose me. Not just to ask out for one time, but to be with for all time.

He chose me to for the first date and took me to see How to Murder Your Wife starring Jack Lemon. We both laughed all the way through it and I was hooked. He has such a big laugh that sounds so happy and merry I’ve never tired of hearing it.  And he laughed at all the right places in the film so I saw that he understood the subtle underlying humor in it too.

Then he chose to ask me out for another date, and so it went, from Mother’s Day in May, the day we met at the Dairy Freeze until the middle of September when we said, “I do” to each other.

He chose me again and again through the last 52 years and I’ve got to tell you it hasn’t always been easy.


Some people ask how a marriage lasts as long as ours has and what to do to make one last.  It comes down to choice always choose your mate, again and again.

We are headed as fast as we can toward Valentine’s Day and he asked me today if I would rather have roses or an orchid and I told him I would rather have purple fabric.  He understands that. And that is why I choose him. Every time, I choose him. He gets me.  He knows me.  And he loves me anyway. It doesn’t get any better than that.