It never occurred to me that I’m an International Woman but I read today on the Internet that today is YOUR day and the finger was pointing right off the screen at me.  So it must be true since I saw it on the Internet, right? 

I don’t know what all the brouhaha is about, women in my family have always felt that every day is our day.  You see, we know who actually runs the show. 

Yes, even in things as simple as feeding our families we run the show.  And one of the secrets our women know is that our kids and our husbands have better days when they know and like what they are having for dinner. 

It was baffling to me when Bob and I first married and he would finish a breakfast of sausage, eggs, biscuits and gravy and before he left the table want to know what we were having for supper.  We had just finished eating, the dishes were still on the table and I was NOT thinking of supper yet.  But he was.  And I discovered if I could tell him what we were going to have, his day was a better day.  He would come in at the end of the work day and say, “I’ve been thinking about this supper all day.”  Not only did it sustain him because he ate it, it sustained him all day as he worked and thought about having some of his favorite foods to look forward to. His day was better and trust me on this ladies, when his day is better yours will be too. 

So although I wasn’t the sort who usually knew at 6:30 in the morning what we would be eating at 6:30 in the evening I began to sort of plan ahead so I could at least give him a general outline. “We are having a roast for supper.”  Or, “I think I’ll fix some greens and cornbread for supper.” Now I for sure would be having some vegetables with the roast but he was happy just knowing he would have roast because he knew enough to know there would be bread and gravy with it and probably more. He looked forward to coming home and his day went better. 

It is no small thing to realize that your spouse or children are more relaxed and happy the whole day when they know what’s for dinner.  This probably seems silly to some. Why would it matter so much? I can happily eat a bowl of soup everyday and call it dinner but not my family!   

When Bob or the kids liked what we were having for dinner their whole day was happier. Then at the supper table they talked more, they shared more about their day, and they had fewer complaints making them much more fun to be around. Happy faces at the table are much more fun to be around than whiny faces. 

So in my little world this woman is going to celebrate because my family is happy. Yes, I still announce what we are going to have for the next meal because it still makes Bob happy to know and anticipate that meal. So he knows we are having beans cooked with hambone, cabbage, and salmon patties for lunch today.  And when I told him that he smiled, really big!  Then he said, “I like cornbread with my beans.”

 It should be a given that there will be cornbread with beans, but I reassured him that yes, there will be cornbread.  He is happy. When he is happy I’m happy.  So from this happy woman’s home to the rest of you I wish you a delightful International Women’s Day.

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