bee on flower

When I was a young girl, not in the Neanderthal era but shortly afterward,  Grandmother told me why some places have more clover and therefore more bees than other places.  No, you didn’t ask for this story but I’m going to tell it to you anyway.

There were two towns along the same road and one town had hardly any single ladies and the other town was full of old maids.  The “Old Maid Town” had lots of clover and an abundance of bees while the other town had crops that needed the bees for pollination but had very few.  Things were getting disparate for the farmers and so they sent a delegation to the Old Maid Town to ask if there was someone there who would like to move, with their beehives, to the bee-less town.

The town council called a meeting and invited all interested parties to attend. The bee-less town made its pitch to get some beekeepers to come over but no one would volunteer.  But one man stood up in the back of the room and told the visitors from the bee-less town that all they really needed to do to increase the bee population was to import some old maids.

This caused quite a hullabaloo as no one could get the connection between the bees and the old maids.

So the man asked them, did they not know that mice eat bees and destroy beehives?  And isn’t it true that cats catch mice and keep the mouse population under control?  Don’t you realize that old maids keep cats?  If you import old maids your bee population will return.

bees on honeycomb

So I’m thinking of this story today and thinking what is wrong is we just don’t have enough old maids around anymore.