You probably think you don’t have any power, but you are wrong.  You have a vast amount of power and I want to encourage you to use it.

My super power is the ability to turn scraps of fabric into quilts for people to love.  But I have other powers and so do you.

One day at work a teacher I had in 7th grade came to me and I had not seen her for years. We chatted awhile and caught up a bit on each other’s life and then as she was leaving she asked me if I remembered what I said to her the last day of class as I was leaving her room and I had to tell her I did not.  Then she said to me, “I’ve never forgotten what you said to me that day, and it got me through some really bad times.”  She didn’t tell me what I said and I have no recollection of it but the impact of her telling me this was profound.  I just learned that my everyday words held power and could influence someone even when I did not know it.

Everyone who speaks holds this same power. Words affect people so we should be careful what we say.

But the greatest power any of us have is our power to be.

You and I have the power to be more loving to each other and to our fellow man. We have the power to be more friendly, forgiving, tolerant, and humble.  We have the power TO BE.

What are you going to be today?

The power to be