blue skies block

Does everyone know when National Quilting Day and Worldwide Quilting Day is?  It is the third Saturday in March. Oh my, that is TODAY!

So I’m going to show you what I’m working on, quilt-wise, on this day set aside to recognize quilters and quilting.

I have a huge box of neutral strings just waiting to be sewn into something lovely and another box full of strings of fabric in every color I’ve ever worked with. I rummaged through the colored strings and began sewing together the blue ones and then I made squares of the neutral ones.

Then I split them and sewed the triangles together to make the center of the block you see above.  Then I cut a lot of triangles from blue and from neutral fabrics and sewed them together.  I mean a LOT.  There are 1,188 of the little square blocks that are half neutral and half blue.  And yes, every single one of those triangles was cut by hand, by me, and sewn with its mate, one at a time.

blue skies HST being sewn

And then they were sewn one square to another square.

And then squares were added until there were three sewn together and enough to go at the top and bottom of each block. Then I had to make sets of five to go on each side of the block.

.blue skies hst x 5

I could hardly wait to see these come together!  Here is the first row:

blue skies 1 row

And then here it is with two rows sewn together:

blue skies 2 rows

And I have now gotten four rows sewn together – half way done!

blue skies 4 rows

And my inspiration for this came, as so many of my quilts do, from Bonnie Hunter and a quilt she made and called Blue Skies.  Here is her quilt:

Bonnie Hunter Blue Skies

So this is what I’m working on this National Quilting Day.  I hope your day is as much fun as mine.