As a child, I was always the odd one out. My brother Robert was born in 1930 and in 1939 my 7th sibling was born. Yes, you got that right, my mom had 7 children in 9 years and there were no twins in there.  But the thing about having so many so close together is they all felt connected.  It was three years later before I came along and so I had no close siblings to play with and sort of grew up alone, in a manner of speaking.


It was probably just my own sense of insecurity that made me feel left out all of my life and sort of unwanted.  You see, there were six boys and two girls and there was nine years difference between my sister and I.  Because there were so many boys in the house it seemed that everything revolved around them and I was sort of an afterthought.

Is it any wonder that I always hoped that someday someone would want me because I’m me?


Then along came a tall, strapping, good-looking, kind, caring man with a fabulous sense of humor and miracle of miracles, he wanted me!

When I heard the words, “As long as we both shall live” repeated by this wonderful man, hope bloomed in me and couldn’t be extinguished.  Is there anything more wonderful than being wanted by another human? A man who promises to stay with you as long as he lives?  Our lives have been tempered by adversity, expanded by faith, polished by perseverance and lived to the limit and all this time those words “As long as we both shall live” have continued to bloom in my heart.


It is a wonderful thing that God answers our prayers in ways we don’t choose.  His river of grace flows in unexpected ways and is often all around us, bubbling up in our lives, passing under our feet and never seen because we are looking for it to appear in a different way from the way God presents it.

I’m hoping today I’ll be aware of that grace and see it in every direction I look.

Tell me how His Grace has impacted your life, please.