Hinshaw House C 2015

In the spring, usually around the first of May, Mom brought out the slipcovers for all the upholstered furniture and we got busy covering all the furniture with slipcovers made from blue and white striped ticking. Think of old-time pillow and mattress covers. She did this because she had a houseful of sweaty kids all summer long and this was a way to keep the furniture clean.

When cool days began to creep into our fall weather it meant Mom would take the slipcovers off the furniture and wash and put them away. After all, the sweaty kids were all back in school by then. The lace curtains would all come down and be washed. That meant dragging the curtain stretchers from the attic to the front porch and it was my job to stretch the curtains onto the stretchers. Why? So they didn’t have to be ironed!

While the curtains were down, out came the can of pink window wax and yes, it was also my job to wipe it on the windows. That wasn’t a hard job. But after it turned from pink to white it was time to wipe it off and that was also my job. Mom would tell one of the boys to clean the outside of the windows while I cleaned the inside but that was pretty hopeless. We could never make them see the advantage of wiping up and down while I wiped left and right on the inside. That way, if there were any streaks we would know which side of the window the streak was on.  Pretty important when you were cleaning more than 30 windows!

glass wax

Do they even make window wax anymore?  I haven’t a clue as I’ve used Windex for years. Not all the things in the “good old days” were so good. But other things were. We could be sure of some fresh molasses cookies and cold milk when we stopped our cleaning and took a break. This was definitely part of the good from the good old days.

When the windows were clean the curtains came off of the stretchers and were hung back up, the window wax was put away until spring, and we all settled down to some serious Monopoly play. After all, with eight of us kids around there was always someone to play board games with. This was definitely part of the good from the good old days.

I miss my siblings.Hatcher Hinshaw House