Memories are sometimes scary but mostly it is the good memories that stay with us. It always pleases me when one of those memories sneaks out of my mind and brings a smile to my face. And sometimes it is the strangest things that trigger the memories.

My granddad used to call me his little kinky head because my hair has some natural curl and when it is humid, as it is most of the year in Arkansas, my hair kinks. Today I was reminded of that “kinky hair” remark for more reasons than one.

Today I opened a drawer and found tucked away three precious memories.  For those of you who, like I, worked in the old Indian Mall in town you may recall the first one. To encourage folks to spend money at the mall during the Christmas shopping season, the mall management offered beautiful blown glass ornaments to anyone who brought receipts totaling more than $100 or it may have been two or three or whatever. But when your purchase totaled that amount you could take the receipts to the customer service desk and show them and they would give you an ornament. I found one of those ornaments today tucked away in a drawer. This is what it looks like. And instantly I was back at work in the old Indian Mall and remembering people from that time.

Memories tucked away Mall ornament

Also tucked away in the drawer was this very old bird ornament. This bird was actually part of a string of Christmas lights we used on our Christmas tree back in the 1940’s. The entire string was made up of glass birds and glass fruit. Each light clamped onto a branch. The clamp is still on this one but you can see part of his tail seems to be missing. That is because the tiny light bulb was inserted there and the wiring was attached to the socket the bulb fit into. When mom threw away the string after it no longer burned, I asked for this bird and mom gave it to me to play with and I’ve kept it ever since and it always got put onto our tree at Christmas. It brings back so many good memories of decorating our Christmas tree with my siblings and parents.

Memories tucked away bird

Ah, yes! The third memory tucked away with the other two ornaments was this precious angel. Yes, I know it is made of pasta and spray painted with gold but what you don’t realize is that it was made by my first-born son and was the very first gift he ever gave his momma. His first-grade teacher helped him, and all of his classmates, make a Christmas ornament. When Kevin brought his ornament home, holding it so carefully in a tissue, he said, “I made this for you, Mom.”

Then I opened it and my heart was glad that my child had made something for me. An angel made entirely from pasta! The arms are elbow macaroni (how appropriate) and the hair is made of alphabet pasta. Then he said, “It looks like you.” And my heart did a little flutter and a purr because my sweet child thought I look like an angel.

Memories tucked away pasta

Then Kevin said, “It has kinky hair too.”

Merry Christmas to each of you my friends, and may you and yours make many wonderful memories together this year. Sometimes all it takes is a few pieces of pasta.