porch swing

Imboden is “home.” Regardless of where I may live, it will always be “home,” a most beloved spot. When I think of Imboden, I think of friendly neighbors and the smell of Momma’s many lilacs intermingled with those of the fresh paint on the front porch in the springtime. The old front porch swing was a place for relaxing, reading, watching the world go by and in my later years there was used for “courting.” If more young couples spent time in a porch swing getting to know one another I’m firmly convinced there would be fewer divorces.


Sounds also come to mind: the church bell that rang for every service at the First Baptist Church, the clucking and rustling sounds from the chicken brooder house behind the Hill’s house across the street, the muffled tones of company visiting with my parents on the front porch of our house during summer’s long evenings. And, I remember the soft, secure, and comforting sounds of our big dog Major and my personal dog, Trixie, who I loved so dearly. I remember the sound of the ice cream maker being cranked and the wonderful feel of bathing in the creek that ran beside the cemetery.

The people of the community – many gone, some still there – pass by my mind’s eye as if in a review. Imboden people are special. They are loving, kind, and supportive. A triumph or grief experienced by one is felt and shared by all. Is my old hometown still filled with people like this? In my mind it is.

The memories go on and on and they are precious. I am thankful for the experience of growing up there, and for the memories of the place, I shall always carry with me.

The name “Imboden” is derived from the fact that the Benjamin Imboden family settled at that location before others came to the area.

The old Sloan Hendrix Academy, a prep school for Hendrix College, was our main place of learning, society, and entertainment. We had a great auditorium and the junior and senior classes put on plays every year and the people in all the communities came to see them and were entertained.

On Saturdays, in the summertime, the local merchants had Trade Day Drawings and folks from miles around came to town on Saturday hoping their name would be drawn for a prize.

I’m so pleased I grew up where we all knew our neighbors and were congenial. It is a good memory.
Hinshaw House