All who know me know that I like old stuff. I seem especially drawn to old stuff for which there is no use. Flea markets are bulging with stuff I love to pick up and identify or reminisce about. Old music boxes are a particular favorite but I also look for common coffee mugs that are shaped exactly like I want them shaped. Some mugs cause a leaky lip so by the time the mug is empty there are streaks of coffee running down the side, Others will still be clean when the coffee is finished, Real coffee drinkers will know what I’m talking about.

Finding the right mate is a lot like hunting for the right mug for coffee. There are a lot of possibilities out there but only one of them is “right.”

Some have no sense of humor and that surely wouldn’t be the right choice for me but someone else might find a humorless man a good fit.

Some love the Lord and that would suit me but others want nothing to do with God and I couldn’t live with that.

I’m sure you are beginning to understand what I mean now.

I was like the coffee mug on the shelf waiting for someone to pick me. I always hoped that someday someone would want me because I’m me.

Then along came a tall, strapping, good-looking, kind, caring man with a fabulous sense of humor and miracle of miracles, he wanted me! And I definitely wanted him!

When I heard the words, “As long as we both shall live” repeated by this wonderful man, hope bloomed in me and couldn’t be extinguished. Is there anything more wonderful than being wanted by another human? A man who promises to stay with you as long as he lives?

Our lives have been tempered by adversity, like now while I wait to see if I will get a feeding tube placed.  It has expanded by faith, like now as I trust God to show me whether to get the feeding tube or have surgery on my neck that could possibly fix the problem that keeps me from eating. We’ve been polished by perseverance and lived to the limit and those words “As long as we both shall live” have continued to bloom in my heart.

It is a wonderful thing that God answers our prayers in ways we don’t choose. His river of grace flows in unexpected ways and is often all around us, bubbling up in our lives, passing under our feet and never seen because we are looking for it to appear in a different way from the way God presents it. I certainly wasn’t expecting to find a future husband when my friend and I went to the Dairy Bar on a Sunday afternoon in May. Now we have been married for 56 years.

This morning I came through the door into the living area and there sat an eighty-two-year-old man who smiled at me and said, “Good morning, I love you!”

I looked at him and said, “I love you too!”

Yes, it is a good thing I like old stuff. I seem especially drawn to old stuff for which there is no use.