When a grandmother asks can you make her grandchildren quilts for Christmas and it is only August, it just seems reasonable to say, “Sure!” After all, there is plenty of time, isn’t there?
Next question is what kind, color, and size are the quilts to be. She sent me a couple of pictures her granddaughters had chosen for the colors they liked and the grandmother asked if we could make a couple of twin sized quilts in these colors. Check!

Sandy Craig Whitmire's granddaughter color choiceSandy Craig Whitmire's gdaughter colors - Copy

Her grandson is sports mad with an emphasis on tennis so could we do a twin size for him with sports fabrics? Check!

And then there is the grandchild who likes and collects owls. Could we do a snuggle size quilt with an owl on it? Check!

I began pulling fabrics from my collection and matching them to the colors in the pictures. As I located fabrics with sports prints on them they came out to play also.
With so many different colors in the sports fabrics, I wanted a pattern that would set them off but let them play well together. I could just imagine the young man imagining himself as a superhero in his chosen sport and that nudged me into making all those sports fabrics become what he would see through the windows of his mind. One done!

Through the Windows of My Mind2

Then, because I love to work with yellow and pretty, bright, colors, I started next on this one. Sunset does bring sweet dreams! Especially a sunset over water. Two done!

Sunsets bring Dreams
When I sent the sunset picture to the client she said she wanted the other girl’s quilt made from the same pattern. Three done!

Turquoise Trail
Next I pulled the different shades of brown one might see in an owl. And, of course, I needed a beak and feet and then there needed to be those fabrics to surround her so she looks like she is perched on a limb at night. She became Hilda Hooter to me and I talked to her as she was assembled. Then I gave her some moons to surround her and the whole thing is quilted with stars and moons, thanks to Tina at Granny’s Quilts and Fabrics.

Meet Hilda Hooter.

Hilda Hooter2
I hope the kids receiving these quilts enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.
Then I finished off this frenzy of quilt making by making this USA quilt. Someone, not the grandmother, asked me if I could make one of these. Quite cockily I replied, “Sure!”
Obviously, God thought it was time to bring me down a peg or two. So, this is what the finished map of the U.S.A. looked like. Yes, I see all the errors. No, I do not feel led to correct them. No, I do not want to make another one. But God bless the young woman who asked for it because she took it anyway, errors and all!

USA quilt
You may notice that I learned to do binding the Pat Sloan way. Her tutorial is here: http://patsloan.typepad.com/quiltershome/pat-sloan-machine-binding-tutorial.html
There is no way I thought it would take this long to get these quilts done. But sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn’t it? I had no way to know my youngest son would spend days in ICU and then need a heart ablation nor that I would have what appeared to be a small cancer taken from my face only to find out it was larger than it appeared and would need twelve stitches to close the incision nor that the doctor would schedule a colonoscopy for me. As I said, life gets in the way.
What’s next? I’m creating a monster quilt. Monster truck, that is. Stay tuned!